Mp3 Prayers by Richard Garnaut

Prayer in Time of Need

*Prayer in Time of Suffering

*Prayer in Times of Distress

*Prayer of Resignation to Divine Will

*Prayer of Self-Gift

Prayer of Self-Offering

Prayer of Unemployed

*Prayer to All Guardian Angels

*Prayer to Be Generous

*Prayer to Be Said by a Sick Person *

Prayer to Defeat the Work of Satan

*Prayer to Holy Redeemer

Prayer To Jesus Crucified

Prayer to Jesus The Divine Master

Prayer To The Sacred Head of Jesus

*Prayer to Sacred Heart of Jesus

*Prayer To Slow Down – Monsignor Bernard Powers

*Prayer to St Joseph

*Prayer to The Holy Spirit

Preparation For Mass –

to Blessed Virgin Mary

Preparation For Mass –

St Ambrose Preparation For Mass

– St Thomas AquinasReconcilation – Examination of Conscience*


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