Isn’t It Aaronic? John Keisling Parody Video

Bryan Lewis ‘I Think My Dogs A Democrat’

Bad News for Seniors

Baby elephant has trouble in the tub

Baby elephant has trouble in the tub

I Will Rock You — Funny baby music parody!

I do love Horses!

I do love Horses! No reason needed, but here’s some good ones:

Learning That Love Is The Way

by Heather

“A very close friend of mine and I have been having sort of a running conversation lately. We’ve each experienced a certain amount of failure in our lives and have each been on a personal journey of learning that love is the way. I knew that when I was younger. I knew that when I lived with drug addicts who would sell themselves for crack. I knew it when I lived with a homosexual cook who insisted we all call him “Auntie Ray”, and when I lived with Gail, the schizophrenic who refused to sleep anywhere else but on a mattress with no sheets in the basement. I knew that it wasn’t just about doing all the right things right, knowing all the rules and being “appropriate.” I knew that …” [Read more…]

via Mama Knows, Honeychild –.

So God Made a Liberal

Maybe it wasn’t God, afterall?

Tubok the Talking Husky says I Love You"

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