"21 Thoughts" by Dr. Jerome Lejeune, the father of modern genetics

The Father of modern genetics, Dr. Jerome Lejeune, was dismayed when his work was being used to end lives in utero because chromosome 21 indicated Downs Syndrome. He worked to protect and improve the live of the weakest among us.


John Thavis | A signal on removal of bishops?

John Thavis | A signal on removal of bishops?.

"The power of a pope to sack a bishop has always been presumed, but here
it is spelled out. It comes after Pope Francis has already removed a
Paraguayan bishop from office over pastoral controversies, and accepted
the resignation of a German bishop in the wake of a spending scandal.
The Vatican is actively investigating the pastoral leadership of at
least two other prelates, including Bishop Robert W. Finn of Kansas
City, Mo., who was convicted two years ago by a civil court on
misdemeanor charges of failing to report suspected child abuse by a
diocesan priest."READ MORE:

via John Thavis | A signal on removal of bishops?.

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