On a Personal Note

On a Personal Note

Irma is coming and has my attention. Seems she has everyone still guessing.

We can use a prayer and a blessing here in Florida. I for one am grateful you are here with me. Life on planet Earth is nothing, if not mystery and in mystery, I always see the hand of God.

You who prayer in the tongues of men and angels pray for us, and we will return the favor. All glory to God!


From St. Gertrude – Sighing for the Holy Spirit

From St. Gertrude – Sighing for the Holy Spirit

O MILDEST Comforter, Holy Spirit, come to me. My soul sighs for Thee! My heart thirsts for Thee! Thou alone canst satisfy my longing; Thou alone canst make me happy. Despise not, O Divine Bridegroom, the dwelling of my poor heart.

My heart, alas, is unclean, but Thou canst purify it.
My heart is dark, but Thou canst illuminate it.
My heart is wicked, but Thou canst penetrate it with love.
My heart is sad, but Thou canst comfort it.
My heart is weak, but Thou canst strengthen it.
My heart is cold, but Thou canst inflame it.
My heart clings to earth, but Thou canst fill it with heavenly desires.
My heart is full of sin, but Thou canst adorn it with all virtues.
My heart is inconstant and wayward, but Thou canst make it docile.

Come then, O Holy Spirit, Thou Father of the poor, come and fill me with Thy love. Amen.

Father, Father, send us the promised Paraclete, through Jesus Christ Our Lord.



You stretch before me
In wondrous expanses.
Where are your limits, O Lord?
Where the measure
That contains Your domain?

The ethereal sky,
Hugging the mountains,
Kissing earth,
And spilling love across its plains,
Proclaims a God of beauty.

Hidden,yet revealed,
In the minuscule and mighty,
You peer from clouds
That radiate streams of Your glory.

You walk the waters,
Stride across mountains,
Blow like desert sands,
Seamlessly knitting terrain,
Texture, color, and contour
In organic harmony,
To announce Your Presence.

A world of darkness
Awakens each morning,
From its chrysalis,
As hope and promise courts
The sons and daughters of Man.

Quarried, cut and polished,
A darkened crystal,
Receives Your Light.
The soul of Man,
Focuses Your splendor,
And by grace,
You shine out in creations’ purpose.

Your Just Sun, O Father,
Crosses the great divide,
To shine on a “no one”,
And “no people”
To stretch before the angels
The measure of Your Mercy.

Copyright 2014 Joann Nelander

Joann Nelander

“Give them something to eat.”

“Give them something to eat.”

On the mountain of Your Holiness,

You commanded,

“You give them something to eat.”

What have I that would feed,

And satisfy so many?

You give to me,

In steady supply.

You are my All.

In You, I believe,

It is You, I adore,

And from You,

I draw my hope,

And loving trust.

You have fulfilled Your promise,

Feeding me with the finest wheat,

The Eucharistic Wheat,

Made Bread, most holy,

Your body and Your Blood.

“Give them something to eat.”

What have I that would feed,

And satisfy so many?

I will give them my Treasure,

My Only Good.

As life flowing from this temple

Flow from me,

To water,

And sup with the humanity all about me.

© 2017 Joann Nelander

Counting Stars

I counted stars today.
As prophets and dreamers,
Glimpsing God through the darkness,
My wonder soared.
I, too, beheld
The promise of eternity,
Stretched across the eons.

Mere points of light
In a midnight sky,
Announcing Truth veiled in mystery,
Of things hidden and unseen,
Of ages long past and yet to be.
Who with me
Knows that there is more,
Much more?

Lanterns hung in the heavens
Make of me their lampstand,
That Eternal Light
Might shine more brightly,
Giving voice to creation.

No dumb marvel,
Rather angelic themes,
To sing high praises
In celestial chants,
For all who turn their gaze
Heavenward, counting,
And loosing count,
Journey home.

Copyright 2012 Joann Nelander

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The Case for Jesus: Science & the Shroud of Turin | Robert Spitzer

The Case for Jesus: Science & the Shroud of Turin | Robert Spitzer

Fr. Robert Spitzer begins at 7:50

A Treat for the Eye and Heart

My sister spends her days creating, making things and scenes of beauty, even more beautiful, enhancing with mind and imagination. Here’s the result:

Look at Me

Look at Me



Do you recognize Him?

“There is need of only one thing,

Mary has chosen the better part,

And it will not be taken from her. ”

When moths corrode,

What will be left?

When thieves break in and steel?

What cannot be taken from you?

Do you recognize Him?

© 2017 Joann Nelander

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