Holy Card Heaven

Holy Card Heaven.

Merging Blogs – DreamWillow Studio / Joann Nelander Studio

For the followers of DREAM WILLOW STUDIO:

I’m making a change to simplify my life going forward.  This blog will merge with and become Joann Nelander Studio.  Please follow me / join me there and we’ll take up were we left off.

The Consolation of Eve


Mother Eve, waiting long,
Your bones resting in the earth,
At Adam’s side,
From which you were taken,
Waiting, waiting for the Woman.

Sustained in weary life by a Promise.
Enduring the grave,
Counting the centuries,
Waiting for Good News.
The Virgin is with Child. Rejoice!

©2011 Joann Nelander All rights reserved

A New Book Coming Soon- Illustrations by Joann Nelander -Written by Adolfo P. Maes


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