I want to spend my day loving You
And embracing life as You send It to me.
Nothing comes but by Your Will,.

Not that I haven’t thwarted Your Will.
I have!
I know I have,
But even as this moment
Bears the imprint of the hammer,
That struck the nails impaling You on Your Cross,
The Cross remained Yours,
And Your All Holy, All Chosen Will,
All of Your choosing
From the beginning of Time.

You are above Sin,
Above my sin and error,
The New Adam,
Obedient to the Father,
A Trinity of Union,
In Love.

By the Will of God ,
And the hand of man,
All infraction of the Divine Will
Was nailed to Your Holy Cross.
In You, I die to Sin,
And rise to live Your Dying
In my day.

In You,
Given for Men
Given for me,
I live God’s permissive Will,
Fashioned for me,
In the purifying furnace
Of His Perfect Will.

In this new day,
I choose the Cross and the Furnace,
I choose You,
Who are forging a union of hearts,
Perfect Love loving Man,
Desiring the perfection of every man,
Loving and perfecting me.

(C) 2016 Joann Nelander

Shroud of Turin Authenticity Confirmed by One of the World’s Top Experts!

Moments before Dawn

Moments before Dawn

In these precious moments before dawn
Prepare my waking body and soul
to serve You,
As You served our heavenly Father,
In Your Incarnation.

Dawning in the Virgin’s
Hidden Divinity,
Secret, sacred, Savior,
Announced and served by Angels,
Alive in hallowed Love,
Glorifying Man in Your Mortal Garb,
You are hidden now in me.

Manifest Your glory,
In all humility,
As, yet again,
You dawn anew,
In this heart that longs for You.

copyright 2015 Joann Nelander

In Faith

In Faith

Pillar of Fire,
Pillar of Cloud
Pillar of protection.

You advance,
Always onward,
No retreat.

Faith leads.
Obedient, we follow,
Abandoned to Your Will.

Holy Light,
Though dark the night,
Secure respite.

Hallowed rest,
Safely home.

© 2016 Joann Nelander

What the world needs now is Truth. Christians, you

What the world needs now is Truth. Christians, you know Who, that is. Tell someone today! Your faith is contagious, exercise it, for the world is full of counterfeits and the world, the flesh and the devil are vigorously preaching relativism under the guise of tolerance and false compassion.They want a gag order on you. Remember the call and power of your Baptism.

“Stand fast therefore in these things and follow the example of the Lord, being firm in the faith and immovable, in love of the brotherhood kindly having affection for one to another, partners with the truth, forestalling one another in the gentleness of the Lord, despising no man.” St. Polycarp pf Smyrna (Today is his feast day.)

“Stand fast therefore in these things and follow the example of the Lord, being firm in the faith and immovable, in love of the brotherhood kindly having affection for one to another, partners with the truth, forestalling one another in the gentleness of the Lord, despising no man.” St. Polycarp pf Smyrna (Today is his feast day.)

Fleeting Prayers – Arrows to God’s Heart

Fleeting Prayers – Arrows to God’s Heart

Fleeting prayers,
Known but to God
Recorded on His Heart,
Nothing wasted.

All to flower, and bear fruit.
Supplying for the need
Of His People, His Bride, His Church,
Reaching throughout Time,

Nothing wasted,
Nothing forgotten,
All in flower,
all bearing fruit.

Fleeting prayers,
Known but to God,
Nothing forgotten,
Arrows to His Heart.

By Joann Nelander

Paraphrasing Patrick Madrid on Hell

Paraphrasing Patrick Madrid on Hell

God loves each and every person. God loves you, even if you don’t and/ or won’t, love Him back. God, also, respects your free will. He won’t force you to be with Him or love Him. God won’t trample on your freedom, also, out of love. He respects your free will. It is after all,His gift. To love, we must be free. Loving is a matter of the will.”

“Hence, this life is monumentally important. While we are in Time and Life, that is before we pass out of Life and into Eternity, we can freely chose. We exercise free will and can make all kinds of choice, which, by the way, effect our eternal existence.

We can think of Life as wet cement, able to be formed, impressed, changed. Death is comparable to the hardening of the cement. Now, it’s final shape is set, and can’t be changed. Life is for choices, death is finality and conclusion.

We can think of the situation this way, with death, we are set for eternity, so choose carefully what we love in this life. This side of eternity is important, for once eternity is upon us, we can’t take our choices back. God respects our free will choice even when we choose to exist without
Him. As said before, God won’t trample on our free will. Existence without God is Hell. It is freely chosen.

The Case for Jesus: Science & the Shroud of Turin | Robert Spitzer

Loving You

I am with you,
As One Who has always loved you,
Loving you as you began your life’s journey
To the kingdom of Heaven,
Your true home,
Loving you all the days I have appointed you.
Loving you unto dying and your death,
Loving you as the breath of life.

I have played upon the strings of your heart,
So that you would hear My music,
Even midst dissimilitude and dissonance.
Let not the unbelieving of the world,
Let not discordance and strife of flesh,
Let not the deceiver of Men,
Draw a curtain before your eyes.

Fix the gaze of your soul upon Me,
Here in your heart,
I reign, holy and at rest,
Upon the throne
At the center of your being.

Do Me homage
As you arise at the break of day.
Bow before Me
With the rising of each sun.
Dance with Me,
Following My lead.
Cry with Me in the sorrowing.
Plead for sinners in their fall.

Lend the hand of prayer
To uphold the weak and weary.
You journey as one
In the One Who is All Love.

Peace, My child.
Peace and refreshment,
Here at my altar.
I polish and perfect you,
That you may be
A monstrance of humility,
Fading from prominence,
As I send out my splendor
As grace and blessing.

All is gift to the one
Who receives with the seasons,
Yielding to the winds that blow upon the soul,
Welcoming the water of spring rains,
And the summer torrents,
Allowing blankets of snow
To still you in repose,
Awaiting new life, My Life.

© 2015 Joann Nelander


You, who beheld Life,
As your Savior
Hung between Heaven and Earth,
Dying on His Cross,
Your heart came alive
At the sight of the Mother’s agony.

The thrust of your spear
Lanced the heart of the Christ
And pierced your own
To let Him enter,
He, who would henceforth,
Possess you in contemplation.

His blood, falling upon weak and worldly eyes,,
Touched in you, the pagan,
Opening eyes blind to the things of God,
With the sight of the Holy.

Your life became a contemplation
Of the Dying and the Rising,
Did you fall into a sleep,
As the angels descended to roll away the stone?
Did premonitions of sacred mystery stir you,
Wakening the soldier witness soul,
To serve not merely an emperor,
But True God?

The Cassius of the Crucifixion
Died, only to open his eyes in faith,
And live, henceforth a new man,
With a story of Blood and Water,
And New Life,

copyright 2014 Joann Nelander

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